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My darling,
I hope you're happy

Satisfied, at least
In what you've caught yourself up in

Do you enjoy them?
The rules and restrictions,
That only you are pressured to follow

It breaks my heart
He does, you do
I can't bear much more of this

I can see what you truly long for
And, my love, that is not it
Far from it

In fact,
This is what you'd escaped, in a way
But it would seem as though you're destined to this

I hope not,
Will all my heart, and love for you

Dearest, I'm the witness to your death
Am I the only one who sees your suffering?
Not even you can

You've become entangled
Hypnotized by him

Look not into his eyes
Within them, you see the image he has set for you

To him,
You are solely to blame
He can do no wrong

You worry now,
Unlike you used to
About his happiness only

Change, my sweet
We all have, but for you
It just doesn't fit, not like this

You're not who you used to be
You never were, you never will be
Neither will anyone else

But when I look at you
I don't see you at all
And all I see, is him

Now tell me, my dear
Could you really call this love?

Could you really call this life?
Tell me if there's any mistakes XD

(c) Axroh-Infinity
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October 22, 2009
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